Peek A Boo-I See You

Maggie’s pawsability thought for the day:

“You can observe a lot by just watching.”

  The other day as the sun was setting my daughter and I decided to get take out from Sushi House in Palo Alto. It’s become a mother-daughter & MaggieMoose ritual for us to pick up a take out order. Then we head home to watch our recorded, brainless reality TV. My feeling is reality TV is kind of like brain candy, but like candy it’s probably not good us-or is it? It’s people watching of a different kind. None the less we love it. Of course, Maggie is all over this. Who can resist Jeff Probst and Survivor? Maggie knows a cute guy when she sees one. She also loves to smell our food; tempura, sushi, chicken teriyaki …. Maggie gets a treat for herself before snuggling with us while our brains go into a TV coma. We arrived early for the pick up so, we parked the car and just sat waiting while we talked. Maggie was busy in the back of the car people watching. Quietly she scanned the busy parking lot by Trader Joe’s-a local hot spot. Not a peep out of her. I wondered what she was thinking as she saw people come and go. Julie went to pick up the food. I looked at Maggie and said Peek A Boo. This interruption caused her to look my way. Now she’s looking at me like what the heck. I laughed.

Quickly she turned her head back to people watch. A Julie sighting by Maggie. Springer Spaniel animation at its best as she wiggled her wiggle butt full throttle. Time to head home and go into a deep, brainless coma. Maggie’s deep sleep came after her treat as she cuddled up close to us. My daughter and I gasped at all the happenings on reality TV. We watched Maggie sleep with her paws running. Ahhhh…. We love watching her.
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2 thoughts on “Peek A Boo-I See You

  1. Love her leash. Such a sweetie

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